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Services – Biblical Sanctuary Productions

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In addition to providing newsletters and articles, Biblical Sanctuary Productions provides high quality Biblical seminars for churches, conferences, and schools that integrate the Sanctuary with the following important themes:

  • The Sanctuary, Sola Scriptura, and Authority
  • The Sanctuary and the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan
  • The Sanctuary and the I AM
  • The Sanctuary, the Real Presence, and the Godhead
  • The Sanctuary and Issues Surrounding the Church: Authority, Organization, and Mission
  • The Sanctuary, the Priesthood, and Mediation
  • The Sanctuary, Sin and Salvation
  • The Sanctuary, Worship, and Music
  • The Sanctuary and Spirituality
  • The Sanctuary, Prophecy, and the Biblical Pillars
  • The Sanctuary and Ecumenism

The theme of the sanctuary is the most pervasive theme in all of Scripture. It is not only connected, but also interconnected with each of the themes noted above, which also contain many sub-themes within them. The sanctuary is not only connected with all of these themes, it actually interprets them including how they all relate to God. This is perhaps why this doctrine has been under such attack throughout history.

The purpose of Biblical Sanctuary Productions is to explore some of these connections in the form of engaging seminars, attention grabbing newsletters, and meaningful articles. We would also love to branch out into books, podcasts, and youtube videos.

If you would like more information about how to have a seminar in your location, please contact us.

Send an Email to Subscribe and to get your free newsletter and Free PDF!!

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