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So, What Is the Sanctuary? – Biblical Sanctuary Productions

So, What Is the Sanctuary?

While in the city of Ravenna Italy I had the opportunity to explore several churches that contained some amazing architecture and art. What caught my attention was the ingenious way in which artists had arranged small colored pieces of stone, tile, or glass known as a mosaic to portray a picture of Jesus, or some other prominent person. When viewed from a distance one hardly notices that the artwork is actually made up of these small colored pieces. However, as you come closer you can easily see all of the individual colored pieces that make up the whole. A mosaic is thus made up of the following three important things: (1) many different colored pieces, (2) a blueprint or overall plan that specifies the locations of each colored piece, and (3) the overall picture, whether of Jesus, some other person, or religious symbol.

If we were to examine the relationship between a mosaic and the sanctuary, we might ask how the subject of the sanctuary relates to the mosaic. For instance, does the sanctuary correspond to one of the colored pieces in a mosaic? Does it represent the picture of an individual or symbol? Or, does the sanctuary represent the blueprint and pattern that actually interprets each piece by describing the material that it is made of, the color assigned to each individual piece, the location of each piece, and the interconnections between each piece and the overall picture?

There are two statements that provide an answer to these questions. The first comes from page 423 of The Great Controversy, which states, “The subject of the sanctuary was the key which unlocked the mystery of the disappointment of 1844. It opened to view a complete system of truth, connected and harmonious….”

The second is from Patriarchs and Prophets page 348. It reads, “Beyond the inner veil was the holy of holies, where centered the symbolic service of atonement and intercession, and which formed the connecting link between heaven and earth.” While a lot of great work has already been done on the sanctuary, the idea that the heavenly sanctuary is a blueprint, or a system that actually interprets and interconnects the many doctrines that are associated with it has not come of age.

Thus, one of the objectives of Biblical Sanctuary Productions is to explore the ways in which the heavenly sanctuary interconnects and interprets the fundamental doctrines that it is an integral part of by producing newsletters and articles. We would also love to branch out to include books, podcasts, and video clips on our website.

Another objective is to provide seminars for local churches, conferences, and schools in which we explore the ways in which the sanctuary provides us with the proper system and blueprint to explore Scripture and its authority, the I AM, the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan, the Real Presence and the Godhead, the Church, sin and salvation, worship and music, spirituality, and ecumenism.

Stay tuned as we explore some of these amazing themes!

Karl Tsatalbasidis

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